And we’re off!

Holy moly, can’t actually believe that it’s finally come around! We had a great send off at the Crown on Saturday night, a huge thanks to The Mojo Mechanics who donated all the proceeds of the gig to Annie’s Challenge!

Saying goodbye to the family at Harwich was a tough one, although filled with hope!

But, we’re off to a flyer, we’ve managed to put about 20 miles between us and Hook of Holland! We’ve hit Rotterdam and after refuelling with a big lunch of omelette and chips we’re ready to kick on!

We haven’t been blessed with the finest of weather and last night was a little damp… But spirits are high and we’re excited as to what Holland has to offer! Although the idea of no shower until Cologne isn’t filling myself and Henry with much joy…

We’ve uploaded our first Vlog of the walk, exciting!

We’ll be doing as many of this to show everyone  what we’re up to!

More importantly please please remember why we’re doing this and keep donating, it makes it all worth it!



Europe is almost at an end..

Firstly, you must be thinking, how rubbish are these guys at keeping blogs? Yes, yes we are. I dare you though, to walk across Europe and stay disciplined, trust me it’s harder than it looks..I sit here at the foot of Romanian mountains outside of a small village called Borlova, looking forward to some traditional Romanian soup and other delights. There’s one thing that I never expected to say, that Romania and its people is/are beautiful. We’ve been shown nothing but kindness and generosity whilst we’ve been here, from being invited into family homes to a guided tour around Timisoara (with beer), it’s been an incredible experience, we’ll miss this place for sure… Although, we’ve got the prospect of two days in the mountains starting… This afternoon. Joy. Did someone mention something about bears? Yeah there are bears here. Not so cuddly though.

It is true that we love Romania, and Bulgaria will be great as well but we cannot wait to hit Turkey, it marks a huge achievement for us, we will have walked the entire length of Europe. But it’s another change, in culture, especially in Hungary and Romania, we’ve seen many changes in culture, from horse carts still being used for work to boarder line poverty in some places. Turkey, Iran, India are going to provide something completely different however, something we can’t wait for.

So, I promise to try and do this more often, I really do, but if I don’t with hold this promise check out our Facebook, where we have vlogs! That way you can see our lovely faces… One more thing, go to Romania! You will not be disappointed!


Peace x

Long time no speak but we have made it to Austria!

One of the hardest things about this trip is keeping up to date with; diaries, social media and blogs. The last thing after a long day of walking is to sit down and use your brain. Sleep is the only thing that either of us want to do when we’ve set up camp. So apologies to our avid blog readers, about the lack of reading material.
So, here we are! We’ve arrived into Austria! After a month long trek in Germany, passing through cities such as Cologne, Frankfurt and Nuremburg, we have finally conquered one of the biggest countries in Europe, and it feels great!
We are now resting in Linz, where we have rented an apartment for a couple of days, so we can refuel, sleep and wash. Wash being the main benefit. We’re lucky enough to have a couple of visitors as well; Kitty (Henry’s sister) and Lucy (friend of kitty) to come and keep the spirits high!
Next stop? Vienna! We think it’ll take about 6 days to get to, where we’ll then take another couple of days and then on to Budapest! It’s amazing how quickly this is all going, although the days are long and hard, the weeks seem to be flying by!
We’ve really got into a rhythm of walking now, the first couple of weeks were so tough, but physically we’ve got used to what it feels like to walk 20+ miles every day! What we haven’t got used to though, is the lack of shower.. Every time we stop in a city all we can ever think about is taking a shower; to all of those back home please, please be thankful of both shower gel and hot water!
I can’t promise you when the next blog will be, but in the meantime keep watching our vlogs, keep up to date with our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram! Oh yeah, more importantly, keep donating!

Cologne! We made it, just!

imageWow, it’s been a while since we blogged, we have so much to keep track of! So here we are sat in a small cafe in Cologne psyching ourselves up for another stage of the walk, Cologne to Frankfurt. The last week has been painful, our bodies are starting to get used to it, but we do hurt! Just quickly, anyone who thinks this is a holiday or a trip, it isn’t, it really really isn’t!
Anyway, like I said this week has been pretty strenuous, we’ve had all sorts of weather; thunder storms, rain and sweltering heat! All in the space of a week! We’ve slept in a barn, we’ve been invited to someone’s home and we’ve slept next to a train track, it really has been an adventure! We hope to arrive in Frankfurt in the next 6 days or so, where we’ll hold up for a night and take aim to Nuremburg! We’ve decided that we should probably learn some German, neither of us know an awful lot… Like none…
So far so good in camp, we’ve met some cracking people and our spirits are high! The only thing, the heat.. It’s starting to get reeeeally hot now, that does not help chafing..
We’ve been super slack on the blogs, we’ll try to do at least two or three a week, along with the vlogs! Keep sharing, keep spreading the word! Until next time! X

Busy week!

Hello people! Firstly, just under three weeks until we leave… Terrifying.. Secondly, I’d like to say a massive thank you to Sophie Grose and Rene Bahar, who a couple of weeks ago, gave a talk during an assembly at Framlingham College, about the charity and about the walk, thank you girls (and sorry for the late thank you :) )

Right, next week, wow, what rammed one that’s going to be! On Monday Henry and I will be meeting with MP Rory Stewart in Parliament,  who will be offering advice on the walk. Rory has himself undertaken an incredible walking adventure when from 2000 – 2002 he walked 6000 miles through Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, India and Nepal. So it’s safe to say he knows what he is talking about…  Tuesday, we have been invited to give a talk at the Framlingham Rotary club. The Rotary club will very kindly be supporting and publicising us during the next year, so a huge thanks to them! Wednesday, we will be giving a talk at OBH prep school, we will talk to the kids about the different countries we’re walking through, camping and they will hopefully follow us on our journey! Thursday (told you we were busy) BBC Look East will be paying us a visit! So more news to follow as to when that will be on!

And, another reminder! We have a quiz, Earl Soham village hall on the 27th May! There will be a raffle with some pretty sweet prizes! To enter a team contact myself or Henry on Facebook or call 07771708161



It was like being a kid again..

Thursday was a good day… As we waited in the reception of Ipswich Town FC, I felt like a child, excited and actually a little nervous! Why? Henry and I were waiting to meet the squad and Manager of Ipswich. To some of you, this might sound silly, but for me, a life-long fan and season ticket holder it was pretty exciting.. We were taken through to the ground to watch the squad train, as they were preparing for Saturdays game against MK Dons. When they had finished we were able to have a chat with some of the team, such as David McGoldrick and Cole Skuse who took great interest in hearing about the walk. After we had our pictures taken we were able to have a chat with Mick McCarthy, the Manager. Mick, sadly lost both of his parents to cancer, and so he was incredibly enthusiastic to hear about the walk, so much so, he invited us for a beer in his office after the game on Saturday..

After a great win on Saturday, Henry and I made our way to Mick’s office. On our way we bumped into Marcus Evans, owner of the club, had a quick chat and went into Mick’s office, it was starting to get surreal now.. We were able to meet Terry Connor, the assistant manager and Mick’s wife, Fiona. Mick was a true gent and extremely hospitable. It was just an incredible experience and one I won’t forget.

This was all possible because of Mike ‘Woody’ Wood, who we bumped into in the middle of the Peak District a few months ago, who just happened to be Mick’s best mate.. A huge thank you to Woody, a new friend has been made there. Also a huge thank you to Ipswich Town, who looked after us so well and even chucked Henry a free ticket to the game! They have also donated a signed street sign for our auction, happening later in the year!

As we draw nearer and nearer to the leave date, the kindness and generosity of people never ceases to amaze!



I am petrified of needles…

When travelling the world, the last thing one wants is to get sick… The best way to tackle illness whilst away, is apparently with an injection. Who’s one phobia is of needles? Mine (Sam). Ahh well, two last Thursday, only another 9 to go… Terrified!!

Anyways, another busy week this week! Along with being attacked with hypodermic needles, we’ve got another radio interview on Wednesday (tomorrow)! This time, we’ll be speaking with Lesley Dolphin at 3 o’clock on Radio Suffolk! Tune in and have a listen!

Then on Thursday we’ve been invited to go and meet the players at Ipswich Town football club along with the Manager Mick McCarthy! I can’t wait! Pictures to follow!

We’d also like to announce our last and biggest quiz of the lot! 27th May, we’ll be having a quiz at the village hall in Earl Soham along with a raffle with some really quite cool prizes… All the money raised will be going into the ‘Kathmandu-it’ project! Details on how to get involved will be posted soon, or alternatively message myself or Henry!


Lovely job




A long time in the car…

If there’s one thing that we’ve learnt this week, it’s that the M25 is  long, busy and downright annoying… But, it was all worth it!

On Wednesday, we were invited to Croydon radio, to speak to Claire Bullimore who set up ‘Aunty M Brain tumours’, a talk show supporting those diagnosed with brain tumours. We spoke about the route, Henry was able to talk more about the charity and we were given some pretty key advice- take lots of sun screen…

After the interview, we braved it back in the car and shot up to Uxbridge just west of London to go and stay and train with our friend Charlie O’Neil. We were very kindly invited to take part in the Brunel university calisthenics class, for those of you who don’t what calisthenics is, it’s basically using your own bodyweight to work out for example pull-ups, dips, press ups, that sort of thing. Not only was it really interesting to learn new training techniques, it was also really really tough… A huge thanks to Charlie and Mayoor who runs the society as all the admission fees for the class went towards Annie’s challenge!

Thursday, up nice and early to zip down to the beach at Bournemouth! It turns out that the roads still disliked us as it seemed to take an age to arrive, but never the less we made it in time to our meeting with Drum Cussac. We are pleased to announce that Drum Cussac will be assisting us on the expedition with security advice and tracking. This makes the project a whole lot safer, and we’re delighted to have them on board! We also look forward to some medical training that we’re being provided with all very generously by the good folks at Drum Cussac, we can’t begin to thank them enough!

Anyways, that’s us for the last few days, remember we have another pub quiz at the Brandeston queen on the 21st April, to book give them a call on 01728 685307!


Thanks everyone!


P.s, here’s a cheeky link to the radio interview with Claire!

An evening to remember!

They say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know… Well, that was certainly the case on Friday evening!

We were lucky enough to be treated to night of beautiful music from the exceptionally talented Christina Johnston, whom Henry went to school with .It’s safe to say that I have never experienced anything quite like Christina’s singing before. It was absolutely stunning! Christina is usually used to gracing venues such as The Kazan Opera house in Russia, or at The State Opera, Prague, but on Friday, it was all about St Michael’s Church, Framlingham!

We had an amazing turnout, the whole church was completely packed out, we even had to set out extra chairs to accommodate more people it was all set for a totally memorising performance! Not only was Christina giving up her time, but as was Jamie Hutchings who accompanied Christina on the piano, what a team they made! We also heard some solos from Mr Hutchings, which were beautiful, so thank you!

All the proceeds from the night have gone straight to Annie’s Challenge, and we’re pleased to announce that we raised over £2000, an amazing figure! A huge thank you to everyone who came, to all those who donated nibbles and of course again, to the amazing performers.


The kindness shown by people continues to amaze us, and is making Annie’s Challenge and Kathmandu-it possible



Concerts and quizzes!

Hello all!

Now, I know that we’ve been slack on the blogs recently, BUT I promise that we’ll better until we leave…

So, what’s been going on? Well, we’re pleased to announce that on Friday 8th (this Friday) we have the amazing Christina Johnston performing at St Michael’s Church, Framlingham, with all the proceeds going to Kathmandu-it. A huge thank you to Christina for taking the time to fly over from Prague and putting on an amazing show! Tickets are still available by calling 01394 380788 or emailing

We’ve also got our next pub quiz planned at The Brandeston Queen, Alex and the team will be cooking another delicious feast and of course, more boozy prizes! Pencil in the 21st April into your diaries, more details to follow soon!

We do have some exciting news, but it’s something we can’t quite tell you all yet, so you’ll have to stay tuned and wait and see!

You can expect to hear from us now, it’s now under 2 months until we leave, so there’s plenty to tell you all!


Much love